Sea Weaves

Saori weaving has become a huge part of my life. It is an art and creative form that has felt like a part of me since I first sat at a loom.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Saori Christmas stocking

Last year I decided to make a Christmas stocking for Tom using a Saori weaving. I started with this basket of goodies - lots of reds and greens, some ribbon and all types of yarn.

I started with what would be the top of the stocking - some soft and fuzzy white. Then moved on to the greens and reds.

Here's a wider shot of it on the loom.

It was a really fun weaving to do - a Christmas tree formed from some icicles and the reds and greens flowed together making it very Christmasy.

I finished it up with another bit of white fluffy yarn so that when I folded it the white bit formed the top edge of the stocking.

I then made another bit of red and green weaving, folded it over and attached it for the toe, sewed up the edges and....

Tada! It turned out really well - it's quite a big stocking (it's actually about a foot wide and almost three feet long) so that is where all his presents go - into his stocking made with love.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

I will be trying to get more posts up in the new year! I have a number of finished projects to put up and I will definitely be doing more weaving as I now have my very own loom at home to work on! Merry Christmas to me :-)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some photos of Project Spectrum weavings

woven thoughts

The loom moves with a creak and a bump, almost unbidden, automatic.
Yarn becomes colour solidified in soft lines and flow.
Feelings of peace and the satisfaction of creativity fill my heart as this object becomes art.
This comes from me and yet, feels like it comes from somewhere else - through me.
Coming through my hands' work but inspired from elsewhere and simply brought forth.
Nothing has ever felt so natural.

(NOTE: This was the first time I wrote about weaving - Back in March of 2009, shortly after learning Saori weaving)